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Best Whitening Toothbrush Heads for You


When it comes to a confident smile, nothing compares to ensuring your pearly whites are as bright as they can be.


If you’re not already brushing with an Oral-B electric toothbrush, your mouth is really missing out on getting an amazing clean. From guidance in real-time to multiple modes, these Oral-B electric toothbrushes can help keep your teeth white and gums in good condition.

  • Most Advanced: The Oral-B iO Series delivers a professional clean feeling and gentle brushing experience. Its revolutionary technology combines micro-vibrating bristles with Oral-B’s dentist-inspired round brush head for an amazing clean. Plus, the Oral-B iO also includes a whitening mode to help lift stains and keep your teeth bright.

  • Most Popular: The Oral-B Pro 800 helps you brush like your dentist recommends, and when paired with a whitening toothbrush head and built-in whitening mode, you’ll reveal a brighter smile in no time.

  • For Beginners: New to electric toothbrushes? The Oral-B Pro 300 delivers a clinically proven superior clean vs. a regular manual toothbrush. When used in tandem with an Oral-B whitening toothbrush head, you’ll not only get amazing plaque removal, but you can polish away surface stains too.


When it comes to advanced cleaning and whitening power, the Oral-B 3D White Brush Head helps lift surface stains from teeth—plus it fits all Oral-B electric rechargeable toothbrush handles except for the Oral-B iO.

Inspired by professional dental tools, the 3D White whitening toothbrush head is expertly designed to not only clean tooth-by-tooth but also polishes away surface stains for whiter teeth starting as early as day one.

The 3D White replacement toothbrush head is designed for advanced cleaning to help you achieve a whiter smile by:

  • Gently removing surface stains: A special polishing cup helps brush away surface stains from teeth to limit discoloration caused by food and drink stains.

  • Dentist-inspired bristles: Specialized bristles remove more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush, helping you keep your teeth healthy and white.

  • Round brush head: Developed with dental tools in mind, Oral-B’s unique round brush head surrounds each tooth for a thorough clean.

If you’re looking for a teeth whitening toothbrush and a better* clean, then an Oral-B electric toothbrush may be right for you. Find the electric toothbrush that’s right for you and get ready for a whole-mouth clean you can feel, instantly.


Oral-B 3D White oral care products are specially designed to gently polish away stains while helping you keep your teeth strong and gums in good condition. Pair your Oral-B electric toothbrush and 3D White whitening brush head with an Oral-B 3D White toothpaste, floss and mouthwash—you’ll remove more surface stains while also gaining stain-shield protection that lasts all day.

Only from Oral-B, the #1 brand used by dentists worldwide*.